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Web Design

We design build beautiful, modern and mobile-responsive websites.

Responsive Web Design

More and more people are using smartphones to shop and browse the web these days. If your website is not responsive to mobile phones and tablets, you are going to be losing a lot of customers. Mobile phone users could well be your main source of income. We understand the importance of this at IAK Media Ltd, therefore we offer responsive, mobile-friendly web design as a standard for all the projects we take on.

Ecommerce Integration

Online retail sales are increasing year by year. It is the perfect time to start selling online. We provide a simple CMS solution with integrated stock control levels, order fulfillment, shipping calculations and very clever SEO-friendly development for your ecommerce store.

Great User Experience

Get more conversions on your website with a UX-focused website. Make browsing and buying intuitive and simple for your target user. Decrease your bounce rates and build up your customer loyalty. We can also speed up your website.

Great Support & Website Management

After we complete your project, we will provide you with a detailed instruction guide on how to manage and maintain your website. Alternatively, we also have a service where we can manage your site for you.

We Know How to Code

To assure you that you are in good hands, we know how to code in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript. Basically, we know our stuff. We are not just designers, we are also developers.





WordPress CMS

Ecommerce Integration

Great User Experience

Fast Turnaround

We're Professionals

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